I'm an instruction librarian in an academic library. What I do in my profession on a daily basis has very little to do with reading and writing about literature. In fact, I have little to do with books at work unless I'm helping a student locate them for research. My undergraduate degree and my interest is literature and I needed an outlet for reading and writing. I discovered blogging in 2006 and created Tip of the Iceberg. I didn't know what I wanted that blog to be when I started, but over time it became primarily a book blog.

The next step I took was to create a YouTube channel, or as those in the book community more lovingly call it, BookTube. I appear there as MsTerriB and have a few book chat videos.

Recently I determined that my social media sites needed some purpose, branding, and organization. With that in mind, I decided to re-purpose Tip of the Iceberg back to its origins as a personal essay blog. The tag line at Tip of the Iceberg is: There is always more to the story. I think the title and tag fit nicely with the idea to return it to a personal essay blog. A companion site to Tip of the Iceberg, that supports writing ideas, is my quote blog at Tumblr. I consider it a creativity catch-all for ideas.

But what to do with book reviews and book chat? Well ...

I present Terri Talks Books! This "brand" is a crossover to the various places I talk about books, whether it is the written word on my book blog or videos on my YouTube channel.

At this time, these are the places you can find me whether it is book related writing and videos or creative writing:

Terri Talks Books blog - http://www.territalksbooks.com
Terri Talks Books (MsTerriB) videos - http://youtube.com/user/MsTerriB

Personal Essays
Tip of the Iceberg blog - http://the-iceberg.blogspot.com

Quote blog
Tip of the Iceberg (MsTerriB) - http://msterrib.tumblr.com

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