August 10, 2014

TSS | July 2014 Reading Wrap-up

I read quite a few books in July, which surprised me. I don't usually read that many books in one month. It is more typical for me to read four or five books in a month and I read nine! Below is the video reading wrap-up I posted on YouTube (BookTube).

The Sunday

The Sunday Salon is a weekly virtual get together where readers share thoughts about their reading. We write about books and reading on our own blogs and then visit and chat with other saloners through the comments feature.


  1. Read all those Dahl books when my son was a child, and I think I loved them more than he did. I like the idea of Tokyo on Foot.

  2. I LOVED Les Mes! I am thinking of re-reading it....but, of course, it's very long. So it will take a very long time for me to get to it again. I loved the Hyperion series, too. Though the series got a bit heavy after that.